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Tribie is the ultimate platform to help you increase team happiness through social and bonding initiatives.

Tribie events and moments

What we bring to your equation

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One platform, countless happy employees

All-in-one solution, which makes HR lives easier and the team bonded and happy.

Bonded teams

Unite employees through Events and Communities

Give employees a reason to connect over something other than work.

Self-organise different online and offline events for every interest. Make bonding easy, accessible and fun.

Form personal connections by establishing internal communities where anybody can find their match based on interests and availability.

Happy employees

Everyone feels happy when with friends.

Place personal relationships as an important part of your corporate culture.

Create a work environment that promotes cooperation and personal connections. Emotional investment turns passion and energy into productivity fuel.

Help employees build a good support system to reduce stress, burnout and dissatisfaction through counting on others.

How Tribie affects employees' mental state
Unique culture

More of what your employees love.

Give way to activities employees really enjoy with the help of our self-learning platform.

Promote CSR and self-growth efforts that support your corporate mission and goals best.

Prevent initiatives fatigue and low participation rates for events by planning smart.

Tribie communities and evnets
Time efficiency

Reduce the manual work

Plan different online and offline events in seconds or choose ideas from our extensive social and wellness initiatives library.

Never worry again about whether employees got the memo on your next event. The system will notify all your members and ensure nobody misses the party.

Say goodbye to manual calculations and excel sheets. All participants and leaderboards are automatically synced and calculated and, conveniently, always at disposal on everyone's phone.

Tribie planning and automation
live Data

Know your team better

Our advanced analytics keep you in the loop with what matters to your team. Stay relevant and plan ahead with ease.

Track your team's engagement and collect feedback on all initiatives effortlessly.

Spot the company influencers, detect outliers and take timely steps in accordance.

Tribie integrations

Use the office tools you love

Any shared interests are a good occasion to interact. Move the conversation easily to your local Teams or Slack channels.

And you won't even break a sweat because we import data seamlessly from your HRIS system.

We've got you covered!


The numbers that matter

Our purpose is to give value through connecting people.
Therefore, we have created this solution with care for the people and focus on the business metrics that matter. Here's what we bring to the table:

Increase in engagement
Drop in turnover risk
Productivity and performance boost
Profitability growth

What people are saying about us

I really appreciate their client-centric approach and focus on the things that really make a difference for the People team.
Tracking physical activity in a transparent and fair way was important for the Progress team as in 2022 we committed to clock more than 500 million steps in 8 months. Thanks to Tribie, the mission was not only possible, but we’ve relied on them for the smooth onboarding of our employees, regular status updates and reporting, as well as creative ideas to help us attract more participants.
Tribie customer
People Experience Specialist, Progress
When we adopted Tribie, so many sports initiatives sprung that the engagement and energy levels were over the roof.
It turned out the bigger part of our team is very sports-oriented. Tribie became a huge motivation to move more and drive less, and overall to include more activity in our lifestyles.
Tribie customer
HR Manager, Ascent
We discovered so many things in common we never knew about.
What clicked for us most, is that we had fresh new conversations topics around the office. We discovered so many things in common we never knew about. This generated a very positive buzz in our workspace.
Tribie customer
HR Manager, Plus500
Organise events

Create, promote and track your events in seconds

Organise events

Create, promote and track events in seconds

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Create comunities

Help people find their tribe

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Ready to unite your tribe? 🤜 🤛