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Connecting Your Xiaomi Device to Tribie

A step-by-step guide for connecting your Xiaomi device to Tribie

If you have Xiaomi devices such as Amazfit Bip or Mi Band that are linked to the Zepp Life app (previously known as MiFit), you can transfer your step data to Tribie via Google Fit for Android users or Apple Health for iPhone users.

To establish the connection, you need to follow these steps: first, open the Zepp Life app, then open Google Fit or the Health app, and finally, open the Tribe app.

Once you've set up the connection, you should sync your steps by opening the Zepp Life app first, then the Google Fit or Health app, and finally the Tribe app.

Please follow the directions below to learn how to connect!

Zepp Life supports the following devices:
  • Xiaomi Mi Band series (excluding the Smart Band 7 Pro)
  • Xiaomi Mi Body and Mi Body Composition scales
  • Amazfit Band series
  • Amazfit Verge Lite
  • Amazfit Bip 2
  • Amazfit Bip and Bip Lite

Currently, there is no data sharing for the advanced Xiaomi smartwatches which require Mi Fitness app.

Directions for Android Users

Before proceeding with the following steps, please ensure that you have already downloaded the Google Fit app and created an active account. You can download the Google Fit app for free from the Google Play Store.

To connect your Xiaomi device with Google Fit:

  1. Launch the Zepp Life app and navigate to the Profile tab. Once you're on this page, choose the option to Add accounts.

  1. Select Google Fit:
  1. Select Google Fit - Google Username to pair Google Fit with Zepp Life:

  1. Follow the prompts to connect. Select the relevant Google account that's linked to your Google Fit app, and then tap Allow to authorize the synchronization of your data with Google Fit. This will confirm your preference to sync your data to Google Fit.

It should be the same account that your Google Fit is using

  1. See the confirmation that you’ve successfully started syncing steps to Google Fit!

Your Zepp Life app should now send steps to Google Fit to sync to Tribie.

Directions for iPhone Users:

To connect your Xiaomi device with Apple Health:

  1. Open the Apple Health app and select the Summary tab. Then, select Apps:

  1. Select Zepp Life:

  1. Make sure the Steps category under 'Allow "Zepp Life" to write' is toggled on:

Your Zepp Life app should now send steps to Apple Health to sync to Tribie.

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