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How to connect Google Fit to Tribie

Step-by-step guide for syncing data from your Google Fit to Tribie

Prior to linking Google Fit with Tribie, ensure that you have the Google Fit app installed on your mobile device and an active Google Fit account. If the app is not already pre-installed, you can download it for free from here. Before proceeding with the linking process, please make sure you have created a Google Fit account.

Connect Your Google Fit App to Tribie
  1. Open the Tribie mobile app and select the profile tab.
    *If you see this alert it means that you still haven't installed the Google Fit app. You can click on the alert and you you will get redirected to the Play Store. Download the Google Fit app and set up your account.
  1. Once you have Google Fit app and an account set up you will see an alert that prompts you to give Tribie permissions to read your activity data. Click on the alert.

  1. Click on ENABLE PERMISSIONS. Then click on Sign in with Google.

  1. Select the account that you used for creating your Google Fit account.

  1. Select the required permissions and click Continue

Congratulations! You have established the connection between Google Fit and Tribie, you can effortlessly sync your data and monitor your progress in the challenges.

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