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How to sync steps from the Huawei Health App to Tribie

Step-by-step guide for syncing data from your Huawei devices to Tribie for IOS users

While Tribie doesn't have a direct connection with Huawei devices, it's still possible to transfer your step data into Tribie through the Huawei Health app. This requires sharing data with Apple Health, as Tribie retrieves step information from Apple Health. Any steps recorded in Apple Health should sync to Tribie, allowing you to track your fitness progress seamlessly.

Connecting Huawei Health to Apple Health

Upon downloading the Huawei Health app from the Apple App Store, you'll be presented with a prompt to link Huawei Health to HealthKit, as shown below:

You'll just need to tap Let's go > Turn All Categories On > Allow. Your Huawei Health app should now be connected to Apple Health!

If you have Huawei Health installed check if you have given write permissions to Huawei Health.

Open Apple Health >Click on your avatar >Click on Apps >Select HUAWEI Health >Make sure Steps option it toggled

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